A lot of people who are confronted with back pain, headaches, allergies, and other physical illnesses on a daily basis use over the counter remedies to get rid of these pains. The truth is that what actually makes you ill might be your own mattress. In the following lines, we will teach you how to figure out if your mattress is causing you health problems. Therefore, continue to read if you want to know if your mattress is the one threatening your health, and if it’s time to change it.
Find Out if Your Mattress is Causing You Health Problems Picture

Floppy foam and saggy springs

If your mattress has floppy foam or saggy springs, it will inevitably cause you chronic neck, joint, and back pain. Also, it will cause you to wake up throughout the night. Therefore, you won’t get the quality night’s sleep that you need in order to feel energized and ready to face the day to come. The floppy foam and saggy springs cause these health problems due to the fact that they don’t provide the necessary support for your body. Throughout the night, you will sleep in an improper position, causing discomfort and damage to the neck, back, and joint regions of your body.

Dust mites, pathogenic bacteria, and mold

If your mattress harbors dust mites, your allergies will start acting up, and you might even find itchy bites on your body. Dust mites are usually present in older mattresses. Bed bugs are another risk to watch out for, especially in old mattresses. The classic signs that you have bed bugs are small red bites on your skin that tend to appear in straight lines and rust-colored stains on the sheets. Old mattresses will inevitably harbor mold and pathogenic bacteria over time as well. These intruders can trigger unpleasant allergic symptoms like wheezing, eczema, coughing, and itchy eyes.

Throw out your old mattress and sleep on the Essentia Classic 8 mattress

If you want to make sure that you won’t be a victim of back pain, allergies, itches, and other health problems that might be caused by a poor quality mattress, throw out your old mattress and replace it with the Essentia Classic 8 mattress. To purchase the Queen size version of this mattress you have to spend $2875. This hypoallergenic mattress is manufactured with natural memory foam. The natural memory foam used in the production of the mattress is made using hevea milk. It’s a medium-firm mattress that provides the necessary support for your back and allows good blood circulation throughout your sleep. Also, it provides perfect support for all types of sleepers. Therefore, no matter if you prefer to sleep on your back, side, or stomach, this mattress will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.