Mold can be found in almost every home and it can be described as a microscopic fungus that breaks down organic materials. This fungus takes on different colors such as black, brown, white or green and it needs humid weather to live and develop. People are exposed to mold every day and when it’s present in a large number, it can cause serious health problems. Therefore, in order to find out more about the harmful health effects of indoor mold and how we can eliminate and prevent it, read our article.

Harmful Health Effects of Indoor Mold Picture

Mold allergy symptoms

In many cases, if the people are exposed to mold, they develop an allergic reaction that is associated with the following symptoms: nasal and sinus congestion; cough and sore throat; asthma, headache; skin and eye irritation; upper respiratory tract infections; and much more. Once you start observing these symptoms you’d better check to see if your house has mold and try to get rid of it.

Severe health effects

If people are exposed to such fungi for a longer period of time, they can have more severe health problems that will damage their everyday existence. Among these harmful health effects, there are cancer; neurotoxicity; pulmonary injury; hematologic and immunologic disorders; gastrointestinal conditions; and so on.

Harmful Health Effects of Indoor Mold Picture

People affected

Molds may be hazardous for some persons, but they can also have no effect on others. In general, those with a weak immune system are the most vulnerable and they may be predisposed to develop more serious health conditions. Usually, the most sensible groups of people are children, elderly people, and individuals with certain health conditions.
Harmful Health Effects of Indoor Mold Picture

How to remove mold

The most efficient way to remove mold is to control the moisture. You will not resolve this problem if you clean up the house and the moisture level remains the same. Therefore, you should use some cleaning solutions that will help you sanitize your house and remove the stubborn mold. After you do all this, you may consider purchasing a dehumidifier, especially if you live in a humid area. The humidity level has to be maintained below 60% if you want to reduce the moisture in the air. Also, the dehumidifier will help you ameliorate the allergic symptoms and will make you feel much better. Buying a dehumidifier can be quite challenging, since there are several models to choose from. To make your choice easier, take a look at some expert dehumidifier reviews on This website features concise reviews which highlight the main features of dehumidifiers. Consider the recommended size of each unit as well as the moisture removal capacity. For big areas with high humidity levels, you should get a dehumidifier with a 70 pint capacity. This is the highest capacity for residential use dehumidifiers.