Aging usually involves some diseases that are more or less related to one’s lifestyle and that can influence the way people look and feel. Seniors start experiencing these health problems as they turn a little over 65 years old because this is when their body becomes more prone to health risks. To help you get a better understanding of aging and to know which are the things you have to stay away from, here are some of the possible health problems seniors deal with.
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Mobility issues

The main concern regarding old people is related to their mobility and the health issues it might bring along. As they age, people stop being so active, their body becomes more fragile, they suffer from bone and joints problems, and can even become physically impaired. In case people are having difficulties in walking, they could consider using a mobility scooter that will help move around and avoid further mobility issues.


People over 65 years old have more chances of developing diabetes as their blood sugar levels start to increase. This is why it’s very important that seniors visit their doctor and have a simple blood test to discover their risks of developing diabetes.
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Heart diseases

With age, people’s heart becomes more fragile and is more prone to diseases that can be fatal at some point. More that 30% of seniors suffering from heart disease are men because they have a higher blood pressure and higher cholesterol levels but women are also at risk. Therefore, seniors must have regular checks to keep their heart condition under control and must take better care of themselves. This implies a balanced diet, regular exercising, a good night’s sleep and no stress.


Elders commonly get obese because they stop leading an active life and they no longer take care of their diet. Obesity is a serious concern because it brings even more health problems and, in severe cases, it can lead to death. Seniors should stay active, should keep doing their daily chores that imply moving and walking and should pay more attention to what they eat. The best diet is based on vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, and lean meat with low-fat levels.
Possible Health Problems Seniors Deal With Picture


Studies have shown that many seniors suffer from depression as they get older because they have to face various changes in their lifestyle, their body becomes weaker, and they often remain alone. Depression affects the health in many ways as it lowers the immunity, causes anxiety, and can trigger various mental illnesses. The best solution is to increase social activity, to become more active, and to discover new things that can bring back the joy of life.