For most women the hair is one of the most important assets they have and they all want it to be healthy and strong. This is why most of them suffer in silence every time they found themselves in the situation of losing hair. The main causes that might lead to the hair loss in women can be either genetic or due to some other factors like stress, nutrition, styling tools or others. Therefore, in this article, we’ll talk more about what can you do to prevent and treat the hair loss in women.


Although it may seem hard to prevent the hair loss, all women should know that there are certain things they can do in order to maintain the health of the hair.
Preventing and Treating Hair Loss in Women Picture

Don’t use styling tools that use high heat

Heat is never good for hair. This is why you should try to let your hair dry naturally and use the hair dryer only if necessary. Also, if you want to use a flat iron or other styling devices you’d better not leave them for too long on a particular area of your hair because you will risk to burn it. Excessive heat damages the hair and makes it thinner. As a consequence, it may easily break and fall out.

Healthy diet

You may not know this, but an unhealthy diet can seriously affect the strength of your hair. Make sure you eat foods that provide you vitamins and minerals. A deficit of iron, zinc, vitamin C and B12 can lead to hair loss and that’s why you have to make sure your daily diet includes foods like nuts, beans, fish, and lean meats.

Consider natural products

There are various care products that give you the possibility to maintain the health of the hair and prevent breakage and loss. Among them are essential oils such as lavender, cypress, carrot seed and some other products that contain nutrients and minerals good for hair. Besides the fact that they aid hair growth, they also increase blood circulation to the scalp and destroy bacteria.


If you already have problems with the hair loss, the first thing you have to do is to consult a doctor and find out the exact cause of it. Once you discover the cause, you can take the proper treatment and regain the health of your hair. Additionally, you can also apply the advice above because no matter what the cause might be, taking good care of you hair will definitely be the best thing you can do.