Nowadays, radiation is everywhere. We are surrounded by it, and this is the reason why lots of people wonder if it can affect our health or not. There are some voices who say that radiation is the cause of certain cancers. However, it is recommended to read this article for understanding the link between radiation and cancer.

Understanding the Link Between Radiation and Cancer Picture

Where does the radiation come from?

For understanding the link between radiation and cancer, you definitely need to have a look at this article. Radiation can come from the sun, and from certain devices and appliances that we all use these days, such as microwave ovens, laptops, mobile phones, and so on. There are actually plenty of units of this type that can provide some sort of radiation, and we all are surrounded by them at home, and at work as well.

Does radiation affect us or not?

Some studies have shown that radiation can definitely produce cancer, but not all types of radiation. For example, a regular exposure to the sun, for long periods of time will most probably cause you, skin cancer. This is why it is highly recommended that you do not stay outdoors in the summer between 12:00 PM and 16:00 PM when the level of radiations is very high. Otherwise, the sun can actually be beneficial from many points of view. On the other hand, when it comes to that type of radiation that a microwave oven produces, things are not as dangerous as lots of people think. Specialists say that this type of radiation is not harmful and it doesn’t produce any sort of health problems. Microwave ovens are very popular these days, and most of us have a kitchen appliance like this. It is true that it uses some sort of radiation in order to heat our food, or to help us cook a delicious meal, but this sort of radiation is actually identical to the one that it is emitted by our laptops or mobile phones, which are considered to be very safe. Therefore, microwave ovens are very safe as well. The only disadvantage of using an appliance like this is the fact that some of the nutrients are lost during the whole cooking process. Other than this, your health will not be affected.